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Applications Notes

Application Notes By Topic

ATEX-Manos Digital pressure gauges compliant with ATEX
ATEX-Transmitter Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters
Castello Filling Contents in Tanks
DCX Data loggers for hydrostatic level measurements
GSM-2 Autonomous measuring systems with remote datatransmission
LEO 2 Tracking Down Pressure — Digital Pressure gauge
PRD-33 X Differential Pressure Transmitters
Titan-Line Pressure transmitters made of corrosion-proof titanium
4 LC…9 LC Easily integrated pressure transmitters for OEMs
4 LD…9 LD Probably the world's smallest pressure transmitter!
21 Y Interference-resistant pressure transmitters
22 DT Pressure/temperature transmitter for dual-mode engines
33 X / 35 X Top Class Pressure Transmitters for Industry